What can bats chew through?

Pennsylvania bats have teeth, but they do not constantly chew like other creatures such as mice and squirrels. They would not chew through anything on your property such as wood, wiring or other material that are commonly destroyed by other rodents and mammals. When bats enter homes or buildings, it is because there is an open hole or crevice through which they can fit. Most creatures would see a small opening and chew through the material, making it large for them to enter. Not bats! If the bat cannot fit through the hole, it would search for a different entry point or leave the area.

Pittsburgh bats may look like strong monstrous creatures when they spread their wings. This is just for appearances and nothing more. In fact, they are very fragile. They can very easily hurt themselves if they bang on any solid surface, easily breaking their bones and destroying their wings. Their fragile body helps them to fly, most having very weak hind limbs, lacking the ability and strength to walk on solid ground. Due to their fragile nature, bats tend to steer clear of anything that would pose a threat on them physically.

There are such things as vampire bats though, the ones that drink blood. However, they would not chew through the animal to get the blood but would make a small incision with their teeth and then lick the blood with its tongue. The saliva of a vampire bat contains an anticoagulant enzyme called Draculin, to prevent the blood of its victim from clotting.

Other Pittsburgh bat species that are herbivores, swallow their victims whole, sometimes while in flight or scooping them up with their wings if they are in the water. Insects themselves are very tiny creatures so there is not much for bats to chew through. Hence the reason they can feed on thousands of insects at a time, more than 2,000 in one session.

If you notice bats in your area, don’t worry about having them destroy your infrastructure. Simply keep your place sealed, using calk, mesh and other materials so that they cannot enter your home. Keep windows and doors shut at night so that they would not enter when the room is dark. Preventative measures are more important than the cure!

Some bats carry diseases. Rabies are a common disease and can be spread through bodily fluids. Australian bat lyssavirus or ABLV also carries rabies-like symptoms and can be spread from the saliva of infected bats. Bats can also carry the fungus called Histoplasmosis and this is spread from it droppings or poop known as Guano. It is especially dangerous when the Guano dries and becomes airborne. Bats carry many more diseases and most of them are fatal to humans. Therefore, it is important that you ensure that you inspect your home for weakness in its infrastructure, very regularly.

Even though bats cannot chew through the material of your home, they can find their way through even the tiniest of crevices.

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