Can Possums Be A Threat To Our Pets

The size of a Pennsylvania possum is almost that of the cat but has shorter legs, so they look shorter than cats. They are tiny little furry Pittsburgh animals who strive to survive on land. There is no doubt that possums are aggressive in nature and they can feed on agricultural crops as well as insects and worms present in the soil. They fall in the category of omnivores since they can feed upon both plants and small animals and reptiles. They are known as living fossil because it is one of the oldest mammals that have still not got extinct.

If you have cats or dogs as pet
Cats and dogs are predators of Pittsburgh possums so if you have even tiniest of doubt that the opossum in your yard can attack the pets at your home then you can be relieved. They are threatened by cats and dogs and this is when they play their defence mechanism. If they see a predator approaching, then they adept a bluffing technique. They lie upside down without any movement which makes the animals believe that they are dead. Possums can also release some stink which animals smell when they reach near them. Since animals don’t prefer eating ‘stale’ food, they just walk away. If you have cats or dogs, then possibility of possums staying in your area is highly low!

If reptiles, birds and rats are among your pets
If you are not among the common people who keep dogs or cats at home but rather like to keep reptiles like lizards as pets or may be rats or birds, then they can be threat to them. Possums don not attack cats or dogs because of their huge size but reptiles, birds and rats are one of their food items. You need to be extra careful if you have these pets at home. Also, if your pets are in cage, they might not have a very strong defence mechanism! This means that when you leave the cage doors open for them to feed and get some fresh air, they might be at danger if you are not around. So, if you have any traces of possums in your yard then precaution is necessary.

Does this mean they are not at all threat to cats or dogs?
Well, the answer is No! Possums are known to spread a disease called bovine tuberculosis to both animals and humans. Just like rats are known for spreading rabies, possums are a serious threat for tuberculosis symptoms. They can spread this by feeding on the food that you have kept for your pets or even if they move near to your pets. They can spread this disease from airborne particles. This means that you need to be extra cautious with the safety of your pets if you have spotted possums.

While possums can appear to be innocent and tiny furry animals, but you should take appropriate measured to get rid of them. Trapping is the best means when it comes to controlling the population of possums at your home!

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